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As visual artist, you may receive remuneration when your works are used under Extended Collective Licensing, eg. for education, in TV, in publications or by cultural institutions on their websites and in their databases.

Do you have any questions?

Write to us on mail@visda.dk

Or call us on +45 31 40 60 00
(Monday-Friday from 9:00-12:00)

How does it work?

VISDA is appointed by the Danish Ministry of Culture to issue licenses on behalf of all visual artists, in situations where it is impossible or cumbersome to handle the copyright on a work-pr-work basis. This is often the case for mass use of artworks. We collect royalties, which are distributed among the rightsholders on basis of either reports from the users on which works have been used or on the basis of surveys.

Registration is free of charge for all artists and their heirs. When we pay out royalties, we deduct an administration fee (typically between 12-20%) which is used to cover the costs.

You may have unclaimed royalties

Because Extended Collective Licensing applies to all visual artists, we allocate royalties for you if we receive information that your works have been used under one of the extended collective licensing arrangements that we administer. This applies even before you register.

By registering, either with your national copyright management organization or directly with VISDA, you will automatically receive remuneration if your works of art are used under Extended Collective Licensing. This applies to royalties that we may already have collected as well as those we may be collected in the future.


In order to allocate and distribute remuneration, it is necessary for VISDA to register and process personal data. Please click here to learn more.