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Being an artist you can receive royalties when your artworks are traded at galleries or auction houses. In this way you get a part of the increase in value.

Do you have any questions?

Write to us on mail@visda.dk

Or call us on +45 31 40 60 00
(Monday-Friday from 9:00-12:00)

How does it work?

All art market professionals in Denmark must quarterly declare to VISDA. Heir sales of original works of art that are included in the resale right arrangement.

We calculate and collect the due royalties from the art market professional and pay it out to you.

The amount of royalties are determined by the selling price of the artwork.

Eg: Your work has been sold for DKK 15,000. We collect 5% of the amount and pay out DKK 637.05 to you.

Registration is free of charge for all artists and their heirs. When we pay out royalties, we deduct an administration fee of 15%, which is used to cover the costs.

You may have unclaimed royalties

Because resale right applies to all visual artists, we collect and allocate royalties to you if we receive information that your works have been traded. This applies also before you register.

By registering with VISDA or through one of our partner organizations, you will automatically receive royalties for eglible sales of your works. This applies to both royalties that we may already have collected and that which we may collect in the future.


In order to allocate and distribute remuneration, it is necessary for VISDA to register and process personal data. Please click here to learn more.